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Ortho-K Treatments in Palisades Park

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Ortho-K Treatments in Palisades Park
Ortho-K Treatments in Palisades Park

Many people live with some form of vision impairment, thus resulting in plenty of people requiring and wearing some form of vision correction on a daily basis. As helpful as prescription glasses and contact lenses can be for these individuals, not everyone is entirely happy with having to rely on such tools regularly. Some people may feel that doing so is a bit of a hassle and wish to reduce their reliance on such things. Luckily, patients who are nearsighted can undergo Ortho-K treatments in Palisades Park here at Palisades Optometrics with the help of our optometrist, Dr. Luxenburg.

Most vision impairments are the result of irregularly shaped corneas. The cornea is the clear portion of the eye just over the pupil. This part of the eye acts very much like a lens as it filters the light that passes through it to the retina at the back of the eye. The shape of the cornea directly affects the manner in which light is filtered through it, so any discrepancies in its shape will result in vision impairment. For instance, patients who are nearsighted have corneas that are more conically shaped than usual, whereas a cornea that is capable of 20/20 vision is more perfectly dome-shaped. LASIK surgery aims to fix such issues by reshaping the cornea entirely, but some people are not keen on invasive eye surgery if they are looking to reduce their reliance on glasses or contacts. Instead, here at Palisades Optometrics Dr. Luxenburg can provide nearsighted patients with Ortho-K treatments in Palisades Park. This treatment method consists of a unique kind of gas permeable contact lens that is capable of reshaping the cornea. These lenses do not need to be worn all of the time, so they can allow you to go about your day without the help of glasses or contacts.

If you are nearsighted and are interested in Ortho-K treatments in Palisades Park, all you have to do is call us here at Palisades Optometrics to schedule an appointment with Dr. Luxenburg. Our optometrist will thoroughly examine your eyes and determine whether they are healthy enough for Ortho-K treatment.

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