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Ortho-K Treatments in Englewood

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Englewood Ortho-K Treatments

Does tending to your contact lenses feel like an endless chore? Are you just plain tired of wearing eyeglasses? It may be time to visit your optometrist to discuss ortho-k treatments in Englewood. While ordinary contacts work during the day, ortho-k is a corrective contact lens worn at night which goes to work while you sleep. The lens acts by gently and gradually reshaping your cornea, resulting in improved vision throughout the day. Offering the latest in non-invasive vision correction, ortho-k is FDA approved and safe for all ages. And trying it out is low risk because it’s effects are completely reversible; once you stop wearing ortho-k lenses at night, your eyes naturally return to their prior shape.

Ortho-K Treatments in Englewood

If you’re considering getting ortho-k treatments in Englewood, the experts at Palisades Optometrics offer the cutting edge in eye care technology and technique. Prior to beginning treatment, your optometrist will want to examine your eyes to make sure you’re a suitable candidate. If so, a topographical map is actually made of your eye’s surface—think of it like a battle plan for conquering your vision impairment. The lenses are then completely customized to your eyes, sometimes working through a successive series of lenses to make more dramatic improvements to your vision. And what’s great about ortho-k is that there is no recovery or healing time to worry about, since it is non-invasive. Plus, the effects are noticeable in a short time.

And ortho-k is a great alternative for those of you who play contact sports or like to swim. Can you imagine the difference, being freed from worry about your glasses or contacts, and able to fully concentrate on what you’re doing? Then imagine the difference that ortho-k treatments in Englewood can make for you.


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