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Optometrist in Fort Lee

Do you suffer from dry eyes? If so, you are like millions of Americans experiencing eye irritation, burning, stinging, or blurry vision as a result. Come to Palisades Optometrics, your source for an excellent Fort Lee optometrist. Their optometric physician has been providing the utmost quality eye care to the surrounding area for over 30 years now. Although there is no cure for dry eye, there are many treatment options available to relieve its’ symptoms.

Fort Lee Optometrist

Ordinarily, each time you close your eyes or blink, a layer of moisture spreads across your cornea, washing away debris and lubricating your eyes. With dry eye, the tears that are meant to moisturize, clean and protect your eyes, are either low in quality, or evaporate, leaving your eyes un-replenished, and irritated. This can be caused by aging, environmental factors, certain medications, long-term contact lens wear, hormonal changes, autoimmune diseases (such as Sjögren’s Syndrome), or a variety of contributing factors. At Palisades Optometrics, your Fort Lee optometrist can examine your eyes and help determine the best treatments to keep moisture in your eyes. Certain lifestyle and environmental factors can be changed, providing relief in some cases. For instance, quitting smoking or avoiding cigarette smoke can make a big difference in the dryness of your eyes. Reducing the amount of air that blows into your eyes, such as when you’re driving or drying your hair. Even deciding to wear glasses or shades on days when it’s windy outside can help provide relief.

It’s also important to take breaks from looking at the computer screen or reading. Extended use can keep your eyes from blinking as much as they should, resulting in the depletion of moisture protectant tears to cover your eyes. To speak to a consummate professional about what the best options are for you, schedule an appointment with your Fort Lee optometrist today, at Palisades Optometrics.


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