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Fort Lee Contact Lenses

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Eye doctor in Fort Lee

Fort Lee contact lenses
Fort Lee contact lenses

Palisades Optometrics is a leading practice serving patients in the Bergen county community for over 30 years. Our doctor, Dr. Luxenburg, is a leader in treating patients who have hard to fit contact lens needs and corneal disease. He is also a expert in myopia control (Orthokeratology) and Keratoconus treatment. We offer Fort Lee contact lenses patients a full line contact lens services along with medical contact lens treatment.

Medical contacts can restore vision to patients who suffer from keratoconus, an eye condition where the shape of the cornea is distorted. Medical contacts require us to find the correct lens for each individual patient, one that offers comfort, clarity and eye health. This procedure can take more time than it does when prescribing regular contact lenses and requires the doctor’s expertise in this area. Most commonly, gas permeable, ,scleral . or Hybrid contact lenses are prescribed for Fort Lee patients with medical contact lens needs. However, as of recently, medical technology has made it possible for soft contact lenses to treat some keratoconus and other related conditions. We are now proud to offer our patients SynergEyes, which are a type of hybrid contact lens offering superior vision correction, while being as comfortable as a pair of soft contact lenses.

Dr. Luxenburg has been treating these and other conditions with medical contact lenses for over 30 years. Although these types of eye conditions are harder to treat, our experience allows us to properly and easily treat them for patients who are suffering from poorly fitting lenses or from poor vision correction. Our new technologies for medical contacts allow for the most comfortable fit and vision correction. For the best in medical contacts and Fort Lee contact lenses area , call Palisades Optometrics today. We’ll be sure to schedule you for an immediate appointment so that you can get back on track to better eye health today.

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