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Eye Exam Englewood

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Englewood Eye Exam

A periodic eye exam is a diagnostic and preventative measure for eye and vision care. At Palisades Optometrics, we suggest coming in once a year for an eye exam in Englewood. We use state of the art techniques and treatment methods to give you the highest quality care. An eye exam not only helps determine how clearly you are seeing allowing your optometrist to determine the right lenses to improve your vision, it allows for a comprehensive assessment of the overall health of your eyes.

Eye Exam Englewood

When you come in for an eye exam in Englewood, our optometrist will begin by discussing your personal and family eye history, as well as your overall health, any symptoms you may be experiencing and work related or environmental conditions that may affect your vision. We suggest coming in for an annual eye exam, as a routine measure to maintain healthy vision.  However, if you experience symptoms such as changes in vision, blurred or fuzzy vision, eye pain, extreme headaches, or seeing dark spots, you need to see our optometrist for an immediate evaluation and care.

During a routine eye exam, our optometrist will use a reading chart to measure your vision at different distances to gather the needed information to prescribe the right glasses or lenses to improve your eyesight.  Our optometrist will also evaluate your depth perception, color vision, eye muscle movement, peripheral vision and your pupil’s response to light. We will then perform a comprehensive eye health evaluation to check for the presence of ocular diseases such as macular degeneration, cataracts and glaucoma. If any of these conditions are detected, the optometrist will be able to prescribe treatment or refer you to the appropriate specialist. Our optometrist will explain the results of your examination and provide you with the right prescriptions to improve your vision and eye health.

If you need an eye exam in Englewood, Palisades Optometrics provides friendly, convenient service right in your area. At Palisades Optometrics, your vision and eye health are our number one priority. To learn more about our services, call today.


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