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CRT Lenses in Englewood NJ

Eye doctor in Englewood
Eye doctor in Englewood

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is an eye condition that affects a majority of people. According to our eye doctor in Englewood, nearsightedness occurs when the cornea focus light in front of the retina instead of on it, making distant objects appear blurry. This is due to a misshapen curvature of the cornea. Simple vision correction methods that our doctor prescribes, such as eyeglasses or contact lenses help focus the light on the retina to temporarily clear vision. Laser surgery is a way to correct myopia by permanently changing the cornea’s curvature.

Some people find wearing glasses and contact lenses cumbersome and may not be a good candidate for laser surgery. Our eye doctor in Englewood has another method of combating myopia. Dr. Robert F. Luxenburg offers two contact lens technologies that can temporarily change the cornea’s curvature overnight allowing clear vision during the day without glasses or contact lenses. Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT) uses special contact lenses that gently change the shape of the cornea by flattening it. The lenses are worn at night and are taken out in the morning. In two weeks or less the user can see distant objects clearly without corrective lenses of any kind. Our practice was one of the first offices to offer this therapy when it was first introduced in 2002 and has pioneered the use of all the advances since then.

After a complete eye examination, our eye doctor in Englewood offers two variations of this therapy, Paragon CRT and isee from Ortho-K. Both these cornea curvature correction systems utilize oxygen permeable lenses. The isee system allows for customization of the therapy due to the broad range of parameters available. Our patients can see clearly for about three days after using the lenses for one night. One advantage to these CRT systems over laser therapy is that the changes to the cornea are totally reversible, once the patient stops wearing the lenses at night the cornea will begin to revert back to its usual curvature. This gives the patient control over the type of vision correction they want to use at any given time. They can opt for laser surgery if they like the feeling of not using glasses or contact lenses during the day after using CRT lenses for a while. There is virtually no risk of permanent damage to the cornea with these systems as there may be with laser surgery. If you are fed up with eyeglasses and contact lenses make an appointment and let our doctor see if CRT is right for you.

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