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Dry eye treatment in Leonia

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Leonia Dry Eye Doctor

Dry eye treatment in Leonia
Dry eye treatment in Leonia

Do you find that your eyes have been feeling dry and scratchy? If so, you may have the condition known as dry eye. Dry eye is a common eye condition for people over 65. It is caused by several different conditions including: an insufficient amount of tears; a poor quality of tears; or an inability for the eye to keep the tears in it long enough for the eyes to sufficiently clean themselves and wash away any debris. Dry eye in itself is not a serious condition. It can be easily treated through a variety of treatments. However if left untreated, dry eye can cause serious damage to the cornea of the eye, and seriously irritate the surrounding lid. If you need dry eye treatment in Leonia, you will want to visit us at Palisades Optometrics.

At Palisades Optometrics, our expert and highly trained optometrist is Dr. Ronald F. Luxenburg. Our entire staff works to make sure that our patients are always finding themselves in a warm and inviting atmosphere. Dr. Luxenburg has over 30 years of experience as an eye care provider in the area. Along with treating dry eye, he is an expert in fitting contact lenses to hard to fit patients with corneal disease. He is an expert in keratoconus treatment and in myopia control with orthokeratology. Our doctor also treats eye infections, glaucoma patients, and other problems, including providing dry eye treatment in Leonia.

In order to treat dry eye, Dr. Luxenburg first needs to find out the cause of the patient’s dry eye condition. Is it insufficient tears, a poor quality of tears, or problems with tear drainage that is causing the problem? Once this is determined, proper treatment can begin. One of the main approaches to treating mild cases of dry eye is to use over-the-counter solutions to add artificial tears. If this does not provide sufficient relief additional steps will be taken. Steps may be needed to block tear ducts with tiny silicone plugs that can be removed if needed. (Surgery will be needed to permanently close tear ducts.) Prescription eye drops can be used to increase the production of the tears. Our doctor may also recommend that you take omega-3 fatty acid and nutritional supplements. Finally, prescription eye drops or ointments will help reduce inflammation around the eyes. For dry eye treatment in Leonia, contact us at Palisades Optometrics. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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